Interns take their place at GV Health

YOUNG INTERNS TAKE THEIR PLACE AT GV HEALTH… from left, interns, Dr Daniel Woodington, Dr Naomi Easaw-Mamutil, Dr Nikolay Kozlov, Dr Timothy Nasteka and GV Health director of intern training, Dr Carolyn Kamenjarin. Photo: Katelyn Morse

For 32 graduates from last years medical cohort from universities from around Australia, the chance to transition from studies in the classroom to treating patients in the wards is now taking place at GV Health. The interns are on a 12 month contract with GV Health during which time they will spend blocks of eight to ten weeks working through various departments at the hospital.

Most are still to decide where their medical careers will take them, some propose going into critical care, others into emergency or anaesthetics. The options for the future are endless.

Still getting used to the idea that they are now registered and able to call themselves doctor, they are also getting their heads around the transition in their careers that began on Tuesday where, as was alluded to in their orientation, it was the first day of the rest of their medical careers.

GV Health is currently undergoing major expansion and as indicated recently by CEO, Matt Sharp, the hospital is going to be looking for an additional 500 plus staff, many of them as doctors to adequately staff the new facility.

The Goulburn Valley welcomes the new interns and look forward to them staying on as part of the expanding team and facility that is GV Health.