Local boaties and recreational fishers welcome more investment


VICTORIA’S waterways are weekend playgrounds to millions of Victorians and in the Goulburn Valley region the Broken, Goulburn and Murray Rivers are a hive of activity and enjoyment for so many.

The Liberal Government is promising that if elected in November they would create a Blue Infrastructure Fund to provide first-class infrastructure and services for recreational water users like more boat ramps, jetties, navigational lighting as well as onshore facilities such as bigger car parks and cleaning tables.

The Liberal candidate for Shepparton, Cheryl Hammer said the Liberal plan for a Blue Infrastructure Fund is a game changer in our area.

“This plan looks to preserve and protect our rivers now and into the future.

“This will help with more investment in local boating infrastructure projects and that means more visitors, boat users and more local jobs.

“Our rivers are a major drawcard for boating and fishing enthusiasts and we must invest back into our rivers to protect them for all users,” Cheryl said.

Under a Liberal Government, the Blue Infrastructure Fund will return all proceeds of collected boating fees into improving the facilities for the boating community.

Local fishing enthusiast, Carl Hainsworth said he compares the ageing and lack of infrastructure in Victoria to his experience in New South Wales where they have recognised the value and importance of boating and fishing as a recreational sport and leisure activity.

Carl said there are many spots along the rivers in this region that would benefit from some attention to assist all water users to access the rivers and lakes, which helps to protect the waterways and their banks and make for a much better user experience.