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sadviser July 13, 2011

Dear Editor,
Local Member, Jeanette Powell as Minister for local Government and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs in particular, needs to start taking care of her own backyard first. With news that the Shepparton City Council has been recently touting the idea to the Bangerang to hand over part of the Bangerangs “Keeping Place” to Yorta Yorta.
Once again, I go to pains to remind Mrs Powell, that Bangerang are the traditional owners of this land. If the Yortas get control of the “Keeping Place” it will drive home and execute the traditional owner’s right to their homelands.  The heritage, the truth and their cultural continued connection with the land will be lost forever under a blanket of political lies.
Wendy Lovell, Damien Drum and Peter Walsh at a meeting held at Parliament with myself and Uncle Sandy Atkinson, promised that when the election was won, the Bangerang would be recognised, which to date has failed to materialise.
Moira Shire, Campaspe Shire, and from the information I am getting from Shepparton City Council, are recognising Yorta Yorta as the traditional owners which is just not true. The Shires are uttering and living a lie.
We have learned through recent embarrassing dealings with Moira Shire, Campaspe Shire, (Echuca Bridge Fiasco) that they are compelled by former Labor Government Legislation to push the Yorta Yorta rights to these lands. I find this appalling in light of the High Court of Australia ruling on local land rights for this area.
Robert Hulls and Gavin Jennings drew up this legislation which discriminates and robs, the Bangerang and us all, of the truth of our history.  It was designed to destroy the core truth, that the Bangerang have total rights, to their land, above and beyond anyone else.
The advertisement in the local paper in the last week for jobs with Parks and DSE continue to be discriminative. They were brought to Mrs Powell’s attention months ago and still they keep coming. They prove that nothing has changed to stop these advertisements, which discriminate by specifying which culture may apply Mrs Powell, it’s wrong!  As the Minister of the Crown you have a duty to uphold the truth and repeal the legislation, which I believe is discriminative, sneaky, and downright illegal. Good men went to war about what’s fair and true in Australia.    
Yours sincerely
Max Schier,

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