Raw Uganda at its best


EXPERIENCE the many treasures Uganda has to offer, live life as a local on the way. Your guide Dennis trained in the army before settling down in Entebbe with his family. Dennis will take you on a wonderful journey in his native home land and show you the wonderful highlights on offer by land, water and the odd bungee jump if you’re up for it.

Uganda really is the pearl of Africa with a two-metre rainfall, lush forests and home to the second largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Victoria, visit the source of the Nile a waterway over 6,000km in length.

Visit local schools and meet the many wonderful people that educate and guide these gorgeous children. Enjoy their infectious smiles and welcome songs. See where the Australian company, Cotton On Foundation has created a wonderful environment for many local families through their school building projects. Stay in a local parish with Father Emannuel and meet the many Sisters who work with local communities, wake up to the sounds of the church choir, feel free to join…keep in mind it’s a 6am start.

Lake Victoria is a wonderful place to enjoy a swim or go fishing with locals in their traditional wooden boats. Visit local boat builders and watch the traders loading and unloading boats that supply the many islands of Lake Victoria. Stay in one of the many hotels that surround Lake Victoria or book a round of golf on the 100-year-old golf course at Entebbe.

Dennis will take you to a local village where you can see how the locals live, what they eat, how they cook and enjoy an afternoon tea and a boiled egg with them. See how the many villagers survive, watch the many sights along the way, motorbikes with you name it being carried along, your eyes will be on stalks. This trip is truly raw Uganda at its best.

Travel further out of the towns to Queen Elizabeth National Park where you will be amazed by the local wildlife, elephants, tree lions, hippos and many more exotic animals.

You will be taken on a guided tour through the park and then by boat along the river banks where you will see many more amazing sights.

Travel even further into the tea plantation hills and get to walk among the amazing mountain gorillas, something that will stay with you for the rest of your life and enjoy wonderful tropical accommodation.

Your permits will be all organised for you, along with thoughtful local guides and porters, it truly is an amazing experience to see these incredible wild animals up so close.

Dennis is full of local knowledge and will answer your many questions and take you around this wonderful country along back roads showing you things not many get to experience, this keeps the experience real and raw, see Uganda as it really is.

For a trip of a lifetime and further information on Ugandan tours, email Archie on [email protected] or phone 0402 356 635.

Archie’s next tour is in March 2019.