Recognisable replica turns heads at jubilee event


Recently in town as part of Shepparton Honda’s silver jubilee and golden jubilee in Australia, this delightful and gorgeous replica stopped by to turn some heads and share some stories.

Arguably one of the most famous Honda S-cars of all time, the 1968 Honda S800 RSC has been immortalised in countless forms, including the two other toy replicas displayed here inside the full vehicle.

Initially, Honda’s racing efforts were run from within the company. In 1965, Honda established the RSC (Racing Service Club) as a separate entity to oversee racing and provide a serious tuning service.

The S800 was the sports car launched in sync with the RSC and would build upon the previous 2-seater S600. The RSC-tuned S800 was undefeated in its class, performing in some of the earliest Grand Prix events in Japan. Many young drivers who would become top racing drivers in the future gained circuit experience in the S800.

Many video gamers would likely also recognise the vehicle, as it frequently appears as a playable ride in the hugely popular Gran Turismo games.