Skin cancer is not in lockdown

WARNING PEOPLE ABOUT COMPLACENCY… Skin specialists, Dr Matthew Wong and Wil Chong concerned that people are leaving cancers go undiagnosed. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

As the community at large is complying with the requirements to stay at home and maintain isolation, there are exclusions and one of them is to get medical treatment.

Dr Matthew Wong, consultant at GV Skin and Specialist Centre expressed concern that some people in the community are staying at home and not having skin problem attended to.

Shepparton has beautiful weather with sunshine most of the time however it can have a dangerous consequence, particularly for people who have spent a lot of time in it. Over the past two and half months, GV Skin and Specialist Centre have diagnosed more than 500 cancerous spots on people, some people having multiple cancer spots.

According to the Cancer Council of Victoria, melanoma is the fifth most prevalent cancer among Victorians causing more than 250 deaths a year.

GV Skin and Specialist Centre recently invested in new technology that can photograph and help identify troublesome spots and maintain a visible record of each one that can be monitored over time.

If you have a spot that is causing you concern, this is not the time to isolate but take a positive step towards having it identified and treated if necessary.

GV Skin and Specialist Centre is located at 20 Wyndham Street Shepparton and can be contacted on 5820 0500 to make an appointment. Don’t leave it until it is too late.