SS Crewman a wish come true


SHE’S not the typical person you would expect to see driving a lowered Holden four door Crewman SS ute, but local resident, Victoria Bishop has a real love for this particular model of car.

After having open heart surgery in 2008, Victoria put it on her wish list to purchase a red SS Crewman ute, but unfortunately after picking one out she had to put her dream on hold when her son announced he was getting married on the top of a mountain in Utah.

Victoria said, “I always said that my SS ute was on the top of a mountain in Utah.

“But in February 2017, we came across a black SS at a local car saleyard. I took it for a test drive and the salesman told me to put my foot down and as soon as I did, he knew he had a sale. I love the power and the sound.

“My son has had several SS utes and so I had driven them before.

“The gardener at work calls me hooligan. In fact I got out of the car at work one day and a staff member said to me, it’s not right for someone your age to be getting out of something that sounds like that.

“Most people get a surprise when they see me behind the wheel.”