Subsidies making it harder for drought-affected farmers


Dear editor,

The Andrews Labor Government must match a New South Wales fodder transport subsidy that’s making it harder for drought-affected Victorian farmers to source feed.

From July 1, drought-affected farmers in NSW can access up to $40,000 more in subsidies to transport hay and feed, both from NSW and from interstate.

NSW’s subsidy is making it even harder for drought-affected Victorian farmers to get fodder when they need it most.

Some will debate the efficacy of subsidies but at a time when fodder is in high demand and supply is dwindling, we can’t afford to leave Victorian farmers unfairly disadvantaged.

Labor’s Agriculture Minister’s excuse for refusing to act is that Victorian farmers can access up to $3500 in cash grants instead – I just don’t see how that compares.

While NSW has this subsidy in place, the Andrews Labor Government has no choice but to match it and make sure drought-affected Victorian farmers aren’t left behind.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Walsh,

Shadow Minister for Agriculture.