The art of growing old gracefully

SHOWING U3A MEMBERS HOW TO AGE… Associate Professor, Dr Christina Bryant addresses the forum. Photo Sharelle Jarvis

Wellbeing means different things to different people, according to Associate Professor, Dr Christina Bryant, addressing a large group of Shepparton retirees at the University of the Third Age, (U3A) forum on Live Life, Live Well.

Her message included being physically healthy and able to do the things that you want to do as well as being able to think well and be content with life.

Dr Bryant went on to say that older people should make sure they look after their physical health by having regular check-ups and talk to your GP if you feel down or stressed. Try to get regular exercise and do things that are meaningful and enjoyable.

Former Victorian and Shepparton politician, Jeanette Powell also addressed the U3A group and said, “Always be yourself, but be your best self, believe in yourself and take care of your self and those you love. Importantly, live your best life to the fullest.”

The takeaway message from the forum was to not sit back and do nothing but take an active interest in life around you, get some exercise and enjoy a healthy social life.