The icing on the cake

CELEBRATING 40 YEARS… Wendy’s Milk Bar City Central Shepparton owner, Annmarie McBain is excited to see the Wendy’s branding on Dysons buses around Shepparton. Photo: Ash Beks.

NEARLY everyone has a fond memory of Wendy’s Milk Bar, whether it be the face cones such as Teddy and Agro, or their classic shakes and hot dogs; there were always plenty of smiling faces after a visit to Wendy’s. Celebrating their 40th birthday last week, Wendy’s Milk Bar has come a long way from just selling delicious ice cream, shakes and hot dogs.

Local Wendy’s Milk Bar Shepparton owner, Annmarie McBain, celebrated the company’s 40th birthday in style. Annmarie was awarded the Top Local Area Marketing Initiatives, Top Sales Growth, and Brand Ambassador for the company’s 2018/19 financial year.

Annmarie was awarded these for her constant support in local events and of local businesses in Shepparton. With Shepparton’s Wendy’s On Wheels van, she was also able to grow their sales significantly outside of their location in City Central Arcade and reach local businesses, events and birthday parties.

Annmarie McBain said, “I see the awards a bit like the icing on the cake, a Wendy’s Milk Bar ice cream cake of course! I get up every morning excited for the new day ahead, but it’s great to have the recognition and acknowledgement that you’re on the right track.”

With Wendy’s branding now taking over local and national buses, including local bus company Dysons, it’s fair to say there are big things in the works for the company.

“We are looking at even more exciting ventures that we hope to announce very soon. Here’s to many more birthdays (and ice cream cakes) to come!”

Head into the City Central Arcade, Shepparton to grab a ‘Shake ‘N Dog’, coffee, donuts, or a classic ice-cream cone from Wendy’s Milk Bar.