Time to get your school uniforms organised

TIME TO GET SCHOOL UNIFORMS SORTED… The School Uniform Shop manager, Sandy Bradbury has the new Greater Shepparton Secondary College uniforms in and encourages parents to get orders in early. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

Stockists of Greater Shepparton Secondary College

Change can be both a little daunting and exciting, but whether your child is starting their first year of school or transitioning to Greater Shepparton Secondary College, now is the time to get their school uniforms organised.

The School Uniform Shop have uniforms for both primary and secondary schools in Shepparton, and are one of your stockists for the Greater Shepparton Secondary College uniform.

The School Uniform Shop manager, Sandy Bradbury is encouraging parents to get their uniform orders in early.

“There’ll be around 3,000 school kids needing these uniforms, so you can imagine how busy it’s going to be. Parents should come in now to avoid the crowds, and then you can simply pick them up when they arrive.” Sandy said.

“We also accept the $200 subsidy voucher provided for each student by the government, which will cover your child’s summer uniform costs.”

For all your school uniform needs, call into The School Uniform Shop at 183 Corio Street, Shepparton or phone 5821 3232.