Treat your pets to the best

PAMPER YOUR POOCH… Shepparton Laundromat owner, Noelene Caverzan, demonstrating the pet bathing facility at Shepparton Laundromat Photo: Stephanie Holliday

ONE of life’s simple pleasures is cuddling up to man’s best friend. Even better is when they’re fresh from a sudsy bath.

Instead of chasing your furry friend around the backyard for their weekly bath, a perfect solution is taking them for an outing to a specialty dog wash that’s open seven days a week from 6am until 10pm.

Shepparton Laundromat provides the perfect space for self-service animal care, including warm water, and indoor facilities. The washers and dryers can take care of animal bedding and blankets, including horse rugs, in addition to their traditional launderette services operating in the front section of the premise.

Your pooch deserves nothing but the best, and taking care of their fur is as important as taking care of our skin. Thanks to Fido detergent and the use of clean towels kindly provided by Shepparton Laundromat owner, Noelene Caverzan, your canine will be pampered by the experience.

Shepparton Laundromat is located at 372 Wyndham Street and Noelene can be contacted on 0427 314 310, or check out Shepparton Laundromat on Facebook.