A message from Jeremy Rensford, chair, Shepparton Ministers’ Association

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED... A message from Jeremy Rensford, chair, Shepparton Ministers' Association. Photo: Struan Jones

JESUS was quoted as saying “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. This one passes the ‘pub test’. I think most of us know deep down that being selfish – having an “it’s all about me”, attitude is not healthy. And yet, so many of us, despite knowing this, persist with such an attitude. It concerns me greatly that volunteer numbers and participation is in dire trouble in our present times.

I realise there are some practical reasons for this, however, overall, many are not in favour of giving without receiving anything coming back.

What impresses me is that the younger generations believe in a cause and are passionate about helping those less fortunate than themselves. Older generations seem to leading the charge when it comes to volunteerism (God bless them). Maybe we are about to see a renaissance of this dynamic across the generations, especially led by our impressive young people? There are wonderful local organisations crying out for new volunteers.

Maybe you are the answer to their call? Check out www.sheppartonfoodshare.org.au and www.gslp.com.au – a couple of great local organisations providing volunteer opportunities. Others can be found here https://greatershepparton.com.au/community/volunteering.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED… A message from Jeremy Rensford, chair, Shepparton Ministers’ Association. Photo: Struan Jones