A message from the Victorian Education Minister

By The Hon. Natalie Hutchins MP, Victorian Education Minister

Welcome to Education Week 2023, our annual celebration of education, and a chance to show off our brilliant government schools across Victoria.

Education Week is between 14 May and 20 May. This year’s theme is ‘Active Learners: Move, Make, Motivate’ and it highlights some of the amazing ways students can learn through physical activity, hands-on learning and student voice.

Being active isn’t just about getting outdoors and looking after our physical health – it’s about keeping our minds alive and active with imagination. At our schools that could mean getting involved and learning new skills through art, science, technology, student leadership, and even by being connected to your community.

As the Minister for Education, I want to make sure that every student feels strong and confident so they can be an active learner. I’m really proud of the work that’s happening to support students including reforms to disability inclusion, mental health support and vocational education in schools. As part of this, I want to thank our teachers, principals, education support staff and everyone in the local community who together make our schools a great place to learn.

I hope all Victorian government school students get involved in some of the great excursions, incursions and online events hosted by leading culture, sport and education organisations. From virtual storytimes to footy and coding workshops, there’s something on offer for all year levels, and some professional learning for teachers too.

To find more about the free events and activities that your school can participate in visit www.vic.gov.au/education-week. However you choose to celebrate Education Week this year, I hope you have a fantastic week!