A plug-in Moke

AN ELECTRICAL UPGRADE TO A POPULAR SUMMER VEHICLE... The Electromoke, owned by the Moke Owners Association was a vision in the possible. Photos: Steve Hutcheson

Electric vehicles have been with us for a while. The Electromoke project was first initiated by the Victorian Government in 1982 who invested $18K in the development of a prototype. It was dropped when there was a change in Government. 

This was well before sophisticated electronics and battery technology had reached anything like we have today. 

Various government departments tested the vehicle however problems with the high current welding closed the contacts in the motor control circuit causing the car to go into full speed ahead. 

MOVE has one of the original prototypes now owned by the Moke Owners Association and on loan to the museum. 

In the project model, the batteries were so heavy they bent the rear suspension and had limited power storage ability, unlike the latest technology is providing. The vehicle often ran out of power and had to be towed back home any number of occasions. 

Perhaps a lack of foresight. Modern day electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla is valued as much as the next three or four car makers combined. 

The Electromoke will be on display at the MOVE when it opens in August.