A win-win for all road users

KEEP EVERYONE SAFE ON OUR ROADS... A Metre Matters. Photo: Supplied

Cycling safety advocacy group, RoadSafe Goulburn Valley, welcomed the news of ‘A Metre Matters’ legislation in Victoria last week.

“We are one community on the road and everyone has the right to ride safely for work, sport and play. Through our cycle-safety messaging, community activation, education and awareness programs, we will continue our efforts to deliver impactful cycle safety campaigns across the region,” said Spokesperson for RoadSafe Goulburn Valley, John Weinert.

“Regional cyclists tell us that drivers overtaking too close to them, is one of the biggest concerns they have about cycling on the road. We strongly urge motorists to take care when they see a cyclist, slow down and when it’s safe and no other car is approaching, indicate and overtake allowing at least 1.5m in speed zones over 60km and 1m in speed zones up to 60km between the cyclist and the vehicle.”

There is a human side to every collision statistic and it is important to remember that other road users are not strangers, they are most likely people that you know. They are children, mums and dads, friends, workmates and visitors. It is important for everyone on the road to respect one another and work to keep us all safe.