Armoured elegance

By Dillon Shelley

The Dookie Military Vehicle Rally (DMVR), known for its impressive display of military history, recently celebrated its 14th year at the CFA Park. The rally, organised by the Military History Group, attracted hundreds of visitors from Victoria, NSW, and beyond. Among the 30 military vehicles and equipment displays, one vehicle stood out for its unique history and engineering: the 1952 Daimler Ferret armoured Vehicle.

FERRET FEVER… The 14th Dookie Military Vehicle Rally shone a spotlight on the 1952 Daimler Ferret armoured vehicle. This unique, over-engineered vintage vehicle, one of only 50 running examples in Australia, captivated attendees with its 4.5-tonne weight, Rolls Royce B60 petrol 100 hp engine, and intriguing history of non-deployment during the cold war.

The Ferret, a 4.5-tonne beast powered by a Rolls Royce B60 petrol 100 hp engine, was one of the highlights of the event. With a maximum speed of 60mph, this vehicle was part of the 300-strong Australian armoured regiment and was used up to the 1970s in Australia. Interestingly, it was never deployed due to the cold war in the 1950s. Today, it is probably one of only 50 running examples in Australia.

Sol Sutherland, DMVR Site Coordinator, spoke about the uniqueness of owning and operating the Ferret. “The Ferret ownership is very unique as there is nothing like the experience of driving a very over-engineered, unique vintage vehicle,” Sutherland said.

The Daimler Ferret, with its unique history and engineering, is more than just a vintage vehicle. It’s a testament to the ingenuity and resilience of the past, embodying a piece of Australia’s military history.

As one of the few remaining running examples in the country, it continues to captivate audiences, serving as a moving monument to a bygone era. The Ferret promises to keep rolling, preserving its story for future generations to admire and learn from.