Aurora australis lights up local skies!

THE colourful aurora australis transformed skies across the southern parts of the country into dazzling hues of pink, green and blue over the weekend.

The phenomenon was triggered by a severe geomagnetic storm, which has not been seen in Australia since October 2003.

The incredible light display, also known as the southern lights, is a result of sun-emitted plasma and solar flares in the four coronal mass ejections, shooting magnetic particles towards Earth.

Photographers and social media users across the state and our region have shared images of the southern lights, which lit up skies most impressively from around 8pm to 2am on Saturday, May 11, 2024, lingering into Sunday and Monday nights.

COLOURFUL DISPLAY… Saturday, May 11 a geomagnetic storm transformed skies over southern Australia into a stunning wash of colours. Leigh Teitz of the Shepparton Camera Club shared these photos he snapped from the Station Street wetlands at Numurkah. Photo: Leigh Teitz