Beyond a week of awareness

LAST week, Shepparton joined the nation in celebrating Women’s Health Week, a time dedicated to prioritising the well-being of the women in our community. This annual event encourages women of all ages to take charge of their health and make self-care a top priority.

In a region known for its rich agricultural heritage and vibrant community spirit, it’s crucial for Shepparton’s women to ensure their physical and mental health is at its best. From the bustling orchards to the charming streets of our town, the demands on women are diverse and often relentless. Women’s Health Week serves as a timely reminder to focus on care, attention, and support.

Local organisations offered a range of activities and workshops, addressing issues from nutrition and fitness to mental health and self-esteem. These events provided an opportunity for women to come together, share experiences, and learn valuable tools for leading healthier, happier lives.