Enhancing your natural beauty, not changing it

9-12 Months before wedding MAKE A PLAN Book in a consultation with a skin and laser therapist at Lush Skin and Laser Clinic Shepparton to devise a plan to address any skin concerns, laser hair removal treatments and ensure your skin is glowing and looking its best for the main event. For more complex skin concerns such as acne or pigmentation, starting your bridal treatment plan twelve months in advance is ideal. This gives your skin therapist a realistic time frame to achieve your desired results, whilst also allowing the skin adequate time to correct and renew.

Subtle injectable enhancements and anti-wrinkle treatments are now a regular part of many people’s beauty routine. Lush Skin and Laser Clinic work with a medical team who possess over 30 Years of combined medical and nursing experience. Dr Niki Talic and Nurse Ed provide a bespoke service to enhance your natural beauty, not change it. Dr Niki’s belief is that injectables should be undetectable.

“Expertly performed injections of lip fillers can refine, fill, or plump the lips as well as re-define the shape of the lip and lip line. We offer a range of premium injectable dermal filler products for enhancing the lips,” said Cat.

By using dermal lip fillers, we can enhance the lips shape and restore lost volume to ensure results that both look and feel natural. There’s no chance of looking anything less than your best for your big day when you’re in the expert hands of Dr Niki and Nurse Ed.

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