From mass production to custom built

A TOURER THAT DRAWS ATTENTION... Mark Gerbing from Rushworth with his 1929 Ford Model A Tourer. Photos: Steve Hutcheson

ALMOST 100 years ago, the Ford Motor Company at its Dearborn, Michigan factory added to its mass production facility to make the Model A series of vehicles.

A-Models were Ford’s second major success following the T-Model that had been in production for 18 years. The A-Model was in production from 1927 to 1932 where 4.8 million vehicles were produced to be superseded by the Model B. Originally built with a four-cylinder engine and a conventional unsynchronized three-speed manual sliding-gear with a single speed reverse gear.

It is from this stable that lucky Rushworth resident, Mark Gerbing’s 1929 Ford Tourer originated and on its path towards being reincarnated at some later stage into the hot-rod it presently is.

Long, a favourite of hot-rodders, the A-model adapted to engine and drive train transplants as well as customisation of the body to suit extra wide wheels.

Marks acquired his Ford convertible around six months ago. It has a 382 Ford Windsor V8 motor developing over 200hp (149kW at 4,400 rpm) , automatic transmission with a popular nine-inch rear end. It was built by John Della and his wife from Lilydale.