Historical charges for ‘Mr Stinky’


DETECTIVES from the Sexual Crimes Squad have issued rapist and murderer, Raymond Edmunds, aka ‘Mr Stinky,’ with 31 charges in relation to 11 incidents in the Melbourne area dating back to 1971.

74-year-old Edmunds is currently serving a life sentence for the deaths of Shepparton teenagers, Abina Madill and Garry Heywood in 1966.

The charges follow an investigation, which commenced in 2017 by the Cold Case Team of the Sexual Crimes Squad, which included the review of all previous investigations into these incidents.

Detective Inspector Steve Wilson of the Sexual Crimes Squad said these charges should send a strong message to both victims and offenders of sexual offences.

“We won’t give up and it doesn’t matter how many years go past, these crimes can always be solved,” Insp Wilson said.

“I want victims to feel heartened that we are charging someone this week over incidents that occurred as much as 47 years ago. It is never too late for you to speak to police, to come forward and tell your story or make a report.

“I also want offenders to understand that police won’t give up trying to provide these victims with the justice they deserve.

“We are continually seeing the evolution and improvement of technology that can assist with these investigations, particularly our cold case sexual assaults.

“I would strongly encourage anyone who has been a victim of a sexual assault, no matter how many years may have gone by, to come forward and report it to police.”

Assistant commissioner, Tess Walsh also commended the work of the cold case team detectives.

“It has been about 18 months of hard work by a number of dedicated investigators and forensic officers to achieve this result,” Ms Walsh said.

“They have worked methodically and tirelessly through each of the existing investigations to reach this point.

“It also highlights the strong commitment they have to supporting victims of sexual assault, regardless of how many years go by.”

Edmunds is set to appear via video link at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court tomorrow (Friday, 18 January).


The 31 charges issued on Tuesday include:

  • Rape (x8)
  • Burglary (x6)
  • Aggravated burglary (x4)
  • Indecent assault (x3)
  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm (x3)
  • Assault with intent to rape (x2)
  • False imprisonment (x2)
  • Cause grievous bodily harm (x2)
  • Abduction of a female by force (x1)

The charges relate to 11 alleged incidents dating between 1971 and 1984 as follows:

  • A July 1971 burglary and rape in Donvale
  • An August 1972 burglary and assault in Donvale
  • A September 1983 aggravated burglary and false imprisonment in Greensborough
  • An October 1976 burglary and indecent assault in Wheelers Hill
  • A burglary and rape in Dingley between February and June 1977
  • A March 1977 aggravated burglary and rape in Wheelers Hill
  • A May 1977 aggravated burglary, assault and indecent assault in Wheelers Hill
  • A July 1977 burglary and assault in Wheelers Hill
  • A September 1977 aggravated burglary and rape in Edithvale
  • An abduction of a woman, false imprisonment and rape in late 1983 or early 1984 in Clayton
  • A February 1984 burglary, rape and indecent assault in Clayton