I’m walking on sunshine

GETTING SOME FRESH AIR...Laikyn and his mum Cassandra were happy to be out and about in the warmer weather at Victoria Park Lake. Photo: Stephanie Holliday

SHEPPARTON and surrounding towns had a bout of beautiful weather last week, with plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Despite still being in lockdown, last Wednesday there were locals lapping up the rays around Victoria Park Lake during their permitted exercise time.

Noah Joksimovic celebrated his second birthday and enjoyed a ride around the lake with brother Lucas Joksimovic and dad Petar Joksimovic.

“This weather is wonderful. It’s a great opportunity for kids to get some sunshine and fresh air. We are hopeful that restrictions on playgrounds lift soon, but in the meantime this is a nice alternative,” said Petar.

“Noah also celebrated his first birthday in lockdown but we are making his day as special as possible given the circumstances.”
The Adviser wishes Noah and the many other children who have celebrated during lockdowns very happy birthdays.