Integrity is everything

BIG JOBS... The PJ’s Concrete Pumping team working on the Leitchville Channel Project. Photo: Supplied

WELL-maintained equipment operated by highly-skilled, reliable and well-presented staff, has always and continues to be paramount to PJ’s Concrete Pumping.

Combined with the commitment to continuous improvement and the founding core value of integrity to deliver a high standard service: That’s the PJ’s promise.

It’s a promise that has seen the PJ’s Concrete Pumping business record year-on-year growth since their establishment 20 years ago, and one that’s earnt the team their superior reputation as one of the best in the business.

Family-owned and operated, the business services regional Victoria and Southern NSW with a combined staff of 14 and fleet of eight concrete pumps.

Peter and Rhonda are extremely proud to have the involvement of their son Keelan as manager and daughters Ashlin and Maddison in administration.

For 61-year-old business owner Peter Don, the importance of maintaining their high standard of service delivery is more about customer satisfaction than building an empire.

“I’ve always been far more interested in pleasing people, and it’s rewarding to know you have when you can see it on their faces,” he said.

This is a business cultivated by a man, self-made in his success, that even in the shortest of conversations you gain a sense of why now 20 years on, the business is still growing and reaching new levels of success.

Humble, loyal and compassionate, Peter Don is the kind of man you’d want to get out of bed to go to work for. His genuine commitment to his team is truly moving, and one he takes very seriously.

“I’m a big believer that employing people full time is a two-way investment, they have the stability they need to build their personal lives and we have people that are invested in and committed to our business,” he said.

“Our team is proud to work for PJ’s and they’re all long-term employees, including administration bookkeeper, Julie, who has been with us on a regular basis for over ten years.

“I’ve never been one to put staff off, even in challenging times. Rhonda and I would rather do without in order to keep staff on – we treat our team as our mates and they are.”

Quick to share his knowledge and guidance, both personally and professionally, if he can help someone out, Peter is happy to do so.

PJ’s Concrete Pumping is a testament to the outcomes made possible when you combine authenticity with passion and determination, acknowledged Peter, before stating that even though he hasn’t come from a highly educated background, there’s not an obstacle he hasn’t been able to overcome.

A family legacy
Rhonda and Peter Don

“At PJ’s Concrete Pumping our staff are such an integral part of our business. It’s reassuring when we send our guys out on a job site that they are equipped and competent to complete each job to the customer’s satisfaction, no matter how challenging the task may be.

“They take their job and safety seriously, whether it’s a house slab or a commercial construction site.

“We are very fortunate to be located here in Shepparton to be able to service our customers here, but it also allows us to travel within an hour and a half to numerous towns and locations to pump for repeat and new customers. We are also very lucky to have our family alongside us in the business.

“We take pride in our business and we have pride in our guys – we look after them and they look after us.”