Keep an eye out for snakes

SNAKES ARE ON THE PROWL...An Australian Tiger snake is in our neighbourhood. Photo: Supplied

AS the weather starts to warm up, residents should keep an eye out for snakes and keep on top of property maintenance to reduce the chance of coming into close contact with them.

“As we head into spring, it’s the season to brush up on your snakebite first aid knowledge and ensure all Australians are doing what they can to coexist with our slithery friends,” said a representative from The Australian Reptile Park.

A bite can destroy blood cells, cause blood clots or cause excessive bleeding, depending on the type of snake. Approximately 3000 people are bitten by snakes every year, with about 300 of them receiving antivenom and one or two bites proving fatal.

If untreated immediately, a person can die within 30 minutes depending on the amount of venom injected and the species of snake bite victims must be kept calm and still, and have their whole injured limb pressure-bandaged.

Keeping lawns short and avoiding piling up sticks and rubbish, especially items like tin sheets which draw in heat, are some ways you can help keep snakes at bay.

SNAKES ARE ON THE PROWL…An Australian Tiger snake is in our neighbourhood. Photo: Supplied