Keep Moving

KEEPING FIT... Aquamoves member Pat Commons credits keeping active a key component to her recovery following a bad fall. Photo: Stephanie Holliday

AS we get older, maintaining the best quality of life possible is a great way to ensure we can continue to enjoy the things we love to do and stay independent.

Exercise is such an integral component to maintaining great health; it prevents disease, improves mental health, decreases the risks of falls, improves cognitive function and can be a way to socialise with our friends.

Aquamoves has a range of low cost over 60s membership options to ensure you’re apart of Generation Active, a movement to encourage getting fit at any age.

“Older people are living a much more active lifestyle than previous generations did. They’re getting out there and doing things like travelling, they’re very hands on grandparents as many families have both mum and dad working, keeping active is key to them being able to keep up with the grandkids and live life to the fullest,” Aquamoves gym instructor, Joe Gilberto, said.

There is such a diverse range of class options at Aquamoves, from Les Mills Body Pump and RPM classes through to the ‘Puff walking group’ which concludes with a social cup of coffee, Aqua Arthritic classes in the warm hydrotherapy pool and many more to suit different levels of fitness and abilities.

Pat Commons, a fan of the RPM classes, had a fall which impacted her mobility a year ago. Determined to get back to being active, she made the decision to keep moving.

“To have such a brilliant facility like Aquamoves which offers such a great range of physical activities and classes has made a tremendous difference to my recovery,” said Pat.

“It gave me more incentive to recover, I just did it, I didn’t always feel up to exercising but I did and I feel fantastic.”

For more information and to view class timetables, visit or give the very friendly team a call on 5832 9400.