Leaders in the insurance industry

CLIENT-CENTRIC SERVICE... PSC Griffiths Goodall team leaders, Nathan Findlay, Jo Foster and David Ryan. Photo: Kelly Lucas.
CLIENT-CENTRIC SERVICE… PSC Griffiths Goodall team leaders, Nathan Findlay, Jo Foster and David Ryan. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

PSC Griffiths Goodall is the largest insurance brokerage in the Goulburn Valley and aims to continue leading the way forward into the future.

They have weathered the pandemic storm and remain one of the most respected insurance industry leaders in our community. 

Having gone through a merger with the publically listed PSC Group, including the restructuring of responsibilities and inclusion of additional leadership, and despite the challenges the last 12 months have brought, they have continued to develop new and innovative solutions for their wide range of clients. 

They have proven highly resilient and have adapted to the COVID led challenges, not just for their staff but even more importantly for their valued customer base. 

“We see our clients as the most important piece in our value proposition, and we look to always achieve the best possible outcome for all of our clients when we act on their behalf,” said managing principal, Benjamin Goodall. 

“In an increasingly challenging insurance market, we strive to provide the best available insurance solutions for our clients that provide them the most suitable and adequate cover, for an efficient and fair price.” 

They continue to expand their diverse client base, both organically and through business acquisition locally, in Melbourne, interstate and internationally. 

“The sense of community, loyalty and connection a region like Shepparton brings is outstanding. Our own internal and staff driven culture project, the PSC DNA, is not unlike the environment the Goulburn Valley business community provides,” said Mr Goodall. 

“We pride ourselves on servicing and building client relationships that go beyond expectations and are excited for what the future entails.”