Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

The critics will point out, about my recent letter, that there are toilets in the centre under the tower. These are hard to find for visitors and even locals forget they are there and the gates to these from the mall are often locked.

The mall is no longer the centre of town and the centre of town is slowly disappearing with shops closing down every day because of the lack of custom because of the parking meters. The centre of town is now the Coles, K-Mart, Chemist Warehouse district, and there are no toilets there except for one small, one person one which requires a code to enter which most people wouldn’t have a clue that you have to go into K-Mart to ask for the code.

There used to be toilets there, but like everything nowadays people don’t matter to those decision makers and the lack of common sense is rife in council and government, as it is all now about power and control and money and political ideology.

Yours sincerely,

  1. Hay




Dear Editor,

Hopefully VCAT will show a little more intelligence than did some of our councillors when considering the future of ‘The Cottage.’

Shepparton has an operating drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre which the council, by a very narrow margin, is quite happy to destroy.

So The Cottage did not have a permit to operate and was not staffed twenty-four seven, but at least it was a start. With cooperation from the council it could be the beginning of something very worthwhile.

The operation could continue where it is until a more suitable place can be found, if indeed it is necessary to have it moved.

Maybe councillors should have a second look at their reasoning when closing ‘The Cottage.’ Particularly if VCAT sees their way clear to suggesting the project should go ahead. Or maybe council feels Shepparton is free of any problems caused by drugs or alcohol.

The other possible scenario is, that had there been a full quorum at the meeting, the vote may have gone the other way, and Shepparton would be seen to be attempting to tackle a serious problem.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Bell





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