‘Like winning the lottery’

BRIGHT SPARKS... Wunghnu PS students, Tayden McNally and Attalyia Woods have won educational scholarships on behalf of the Phillips Brothers, with the support of teacher, Nathan Neff, pictured right. Photo: Deanne Jeffers.

Small school wins two scholarships

TWO students from Wunghnu Primary School, about 25 kilometres from Shepparton, have earned the prestigious Phillips Brother’s scholarship valued at $1,000.

School has not always been a breeze for the brother and sister team, Tayden McNally and Attalyia Woods. Attalyia spent two weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit when she was born, with medical professionals expecting more difficulties as she grew. Described as a “fighter,” by her mum, Attalyia was diagnosed with ADHD last year and has been receiving medication and therapies to help her. Tayden scored low on the Brigance test and has had trouble learning to self-regulate, which has affected his schooling. Rachel was told her children would struggle to succeed in a mainstream school.

Wunghnu P.S. teacher, Nathan Neff met the children several years ago and saw a bright spark in both kids. Rachel enrolled her children in Wunghnu P.S. when Mr Neff moved here, and she said that attending a small school has enabled both children to get the support they need and to have their abilities realised.

The Phillips Brothers Foundation is a private fund started by Anthony and Andrew Phillips – founders of Camp Australia – that supports charitable organisations and projects globally to deliver holistic educational opportunities to remote or disadvantaged communities. The scholarship funds can be spent on items and services that improve educational outcomes, such as technology, school excursion fees, furniture for studying, tutors, and more. A ferocious reader, Tayden wants to spend the money on a library.

Mr Neff Said, “Personally, I can’t win a meat raffle so for these kids to win two of only eleven scholarships and to also be students at such a small school is tremendous. I’m so proud of them that it brings a tear to my eye.”