Linda Nieuwenhuizen – CEO Committee for Greater Shepparton

No one can copy your geography! Which means Greater Shepparton is incredibly well placed to thrive over coming years as we grow our capacity and brilliance as a food, fibre, freight and manufacturing hub and a vital health and services centre.

We are the southern gateway in and out of Australia’s primary production corridor that runs like a spine through NSW to the Darling Downs of Queensland, linking producers and processors to Australia’s busiest container export port (Melbourne) and west to Adelaide.

As we zoom in on the map, we have secondary and post-secondary education providers located alongside iconic brands, major businesses and critical health and care services. Whether it was accident or design, we have created a precinct with diverse earning, learning and innovation opportunities on the doorstep of our CBD. A happy coincidence that other cities and regions can only wish they had.

Wrapping around our major visible industries is a vast range of services and supply chain partners. From fertilisers, packaging and freight to energy, water, engineering and construction. All bring extraordinary career opportunities and are home to smart minds that are driving new thinking and new answers.

But what really lifts Greater Shepparton into the extraordinary is our community. We are home to one of Australia’s most culturally and linguistically diverse communities with our First Nations community many times larger than the Victorian and Australian average, and a migrant community that reflects many waves of migration with significantly higher proportion of residents born overseas and fluent in languages other than English. Through these communities our region has access to an incredible array of perspectives and ideas that shape our understanding of the landscape, climate and our future possibilities.

Geography has done much to shape our city – and it continues to position us for an amazing future.