Making memories with Mum

QUALITY TIME... Flowers and jewellery are lovely but spending time together is the most special way to mark Mother's Day. Photo: Supplied

By Deanne Jeffers

YOU’VE found the perfect Mother’s Day gift and written a thoughtful message in her card, but perhaps the most important gift one can give on Mother’s Day is quality time. Here are some low-cost activities you can try with Mum this year:

Plant a garden together – growing a garden is a gift that keeps on giving, and the memories you make planting seedlings and tending to plants together, and sharing the bounty, is one that you will cherish forever.

Cook a family recipe or create one of your own – delve into the old family cookbook and select a dish you can prepare and enjoy together. If your mum is known for their exceptional kitchen skills, this is an excellent opportunity to learn cooking from her and preserve it for future generations.

Visit a gallery or museum – explore the world of arts and culture and spend the day in a gallery or museum. While you are there, you can pick out your favourite pieces and discuss these to get to know each other’s special tastes and enjoy a coffee or a bite to eat.

Have spa day at home – the day spa can be expensive, but you can treat mum to a special pampering day from your home by making DIY face masks (or buying some in store) and giving each other mani-pedis.

Go walking, hiking or bike riding – enjoy the beautiful fresh autumn weather by getting outdoors for a leisurely stroll, bike ride or longer hike with mum. Do not forget sunscreen, water and suitable shoes and clothes for walking. There are heaps of biking or walking routes around Greater Shepparton to explore that are suitable for all types of abilities.

QUALITY TIME… Flowers and jewellery are lovely but spending time together is the most special way to mark Mother’s Day. Photo: Supplied