Numurkah community calls for action on neglected lake

LAKE NEEDS ATTENTION... State Member for Shepparton District Kim O'Keeffe and Numurkah resident Pauline Bright at Lake Numurkah. Photo: Supplied

RESIDENTS of Numurkah have voiced concerns about the deteriorating state of Lake Numurkah and its future. Locals like Pauline Bright and Peter Kam have expressed frustration with the lack of progress on improving the lake’s condition, which has been plagued by issues like overgrown plants and limited recreational use for quite some time.

Kim O’Keeffe, State Member for Shepparton District, has taken action by contacting Moira Shire Council CEO Matthew Morgan. Ms O’Keeffe reported positive discussions, indicating that the Council is awaiting the completion of the Draft Numurkah North-East Catchment Management Strategy and necessary environmental assessments before moving forward with plans for the lake.

LAKE NEEDS ATTENTION… State Member for Shepparton District Kim O’Keeffe and Numurkah resident Pauline Bright at Lake Numurkah. Photo: Supplied

Mr Morgan assured Ms O’Keeffe that there will be consultations with the community regarding the lake. He also clarified that the aquatic plants, which residents have called weeds, are actually protected watermilfoil. Their removal requires specific permissions and supporting environmental plans. Residents point out that cutting these plants has been successful elsewhere in improving the condition of similar lakes.

“I am committed to working with the Moira Shire Council, all stakeholders and the community to ensure that Lake Numurkah can be restored to a condition that the community can enjoy and be proud of,” said Ms O’Keeffe.