Overcoming global challenges: SPC strengthens local output

By Robert Giles
LEADING one of Australia’s most iconic brands over the past two years, I recognise the challenges our country has overcome.
Through supply disruptions, international worker shortages and increasing local demand, food manufacturers have been under substantial pressure to sustain production.

Despite the challenges, SPC has preserved the constant supply of high-quality foods, drinks, and other products to Australian consumers.

We have also been able to protect jobs across the region while the Goulburn Valley has been recognised as an area of immense opportunity to drive economic growth as part of Australia’s manufacturing renaissance.

The team at SPC continues to demonstrate resilience despite the recent Shepparton COVID-19 outbreak where 60 percent of staff quarantined at one stage.

The factory still didn’t miss a customer order and we are immensely grateful to the remaining staff who kept the factory running.

Leading our plans for global expansion includes diversifying our portfolio, from healthcare to hand cream, and producing better products for the future.

We will be listening to our consumers and Australian’s needs for better, ensuring that high-quality food and drink is nutritious, delicious but also versatile; while respecting that convenience and accessibility are key to modern day Australians, who are juggling jobs, families, friends, and passions.

Australians are calling out for better from local food and drink manufacturers and we need to deliver.

At SPC, we believe it is time for better and that is why we will continue to innovate and put consumer preferences at the heart of everything we do.