Regional Victoria feeling the pain once again

MONDAY was supposed to bring good news however, owing to the fact that more cases of Covid had been detected, the lockdown is to be extended for seven days.

While most of the new cases have been identified in Melbourne, some regional locations are also popping up on the hotspot radar with a two new cases in Mildura identified over the weekend. 

Many businesses just getting back on their feet are once more closed unless they are classified as essential. 

According to the Financial Review, an analysis by KPMG suggests Victoria’s fourth lockdown has hit consumer sentiment around the state and the local economy is being hit by about $125 million a day, but new spending data suggests the state will rebound quickly once restrictions lift. 

Members of the public are reminded to continue looking at the government website for the increasing number of places of concern. 

The difficulty with this variant of the virus is the rapid pace at which it spreads based on very short contact with an infected person. 

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COVID SPREADS RAPIDLY… Take precautions, mask up, get vaccinated, maintain distance and isolate when necessary. Photo: Supplied