Six million spent on Council’s Road Resealing Program

GREATER Shepparton City Council has completed its 2023/2024 Road Resealing Program for the financial year, with more than $6M spent on 71 roads across the municipality.

The annual program includes ‘spray sealed’ road re-surfacing, ‘asphalt’ road resurfacing and pavement ‘stabilisation’. The program prioritises works based on condition data, as well as a number of other factors including the age of the existing seal, the types and volumes of traffic, the strength of the underlying pavement, how well the road is drained, and the extent of defects on the road.

The 2023/2024 program saw more than 61kms of road resealed in 23 towns/localities across Greater Shepparton.

Acting director of infrastructure, Kelli Halden, said the Road Resealing Program is one of Council’s largest renewal programs each year and one which requires an extensive amount of planning and asset review to schedule the program of works.

“Greater Shepparton City Council has the responsibility of managing around 1,200 kilometres of sealed local roads which require ongoing maintenance and resealing. Council compiles a schedule of works each financial year which outlines where the resealing will be taking place across the municipality and the extent of the works,” she said.

“The program aims to ensure our roads, which are the region’s most important infrastructure, are maintained appropriately and remain fit for purpose.”