SPC cleared over vaccine mandate

AFTER attracting attention for being the first non-health-related company in Australia to announce a vaccine mandate for staff, SPC have been cleared of any wrong-doing.

Canned food giant SPC has been cleared by Victoria’s work safety regulator of not properly consulting staff on its COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

In early August, SPC became the first non-health-related business in Australia to announce a vaccine mandate for staff.

The move attracted criticism from the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union, which claimed staff were not properly consulted about the plans. WorkSafe Victoria investigated the concerns but found the food processor did not breach occupational health and safety legislation and regulations.

SPC has declared the outcome, confirmed by the regulator on Tuesday, a victory for all Australian businesses implementing COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The Victorian government last week announced it would make coronavirus vaccination compulsory for more than a million authorised workers across the state.