Strong finish to memorable year

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS... From left, Meg Eishold (98.9), Charlotte Uniacke (98.7), Elly Miechel (99.05), Frederick Thompson (98.9), Ashima Tyagi (99.6), Ayush Tyagi (99.05), Harry Burgess (98.05), Eloise Schmedje (98.05). INSET: Lucy Bourchier (98.6), Chloe Charnstrom (98.65), Eliza York (98.2). Photo: Supplied

YEAR 12 is a memorable year for any young student, yet 2020 will be remembered for more than one reason.

Last year’s Coronavirus lockdowns were a cause for havoc among school communities, with students forced into remote learning and direct access to teachers and classmates cut off for weeks at a time.

Despite the challenges, the graduating cohort at Shepparton’s Goulburn Valley Grammar School still achieved excellent results.
According to school principal, Mark Torriero, despite the trials and disappointments experienced this year, the students’ focus on learning and community never wavered.

“We also acknowledge the outstanding classroom instruction provided by our teachers and the wonderful support of operational staff and parents,” he said.

“We particularly acknowledge the effort, persistence and learning growth of students who faced adversity and challenges.”

The results achieved by the year 12 students placed the school among the top 30 schools in the state, out of more than 500 schools which complete VCE. 21.6 percent of study scores recorded were over 40, and the median study score was 35 (out of 50).

Goulburn Valley Grammar School is an open entry non-selective school located at 455 Verney Road, North Shepparton. The school can be contacted on 5833 3300.