Dear Sir/Madam

The recent admission that our Prime Minister has not read the Uluru Statement in full indicates that the forthcoming referendum is more about the political power and gain of a few, rather than the welfare of indigenous Australians.

It is dawning upon us all that the indigenous cause is being used to create an elite club of power brokers far away from the camps of the Northern Territory and elsewhere. A picture is emerging of preference and cosy arrangements with Government.

The unseemly rush of big business to curry favour with the Government by giving millions of dollars of shareholders’ money to the Yes campaign suggests that the fix is in. What are the likes of Qantas, BHP and Big Sport receiving in return for this support? What deals have been done behind closed doors of which ordinary Australians are unaware?

There is a growing uneasiness that not only indigenous, but all Australians are being played here.

To vote on a ‘vibe’ to change our Constitution appears reckless and irresponsible given so many unanswered questions about the intent and consequences of The Voice proposal. It is arrogant and insulting to all Australians to say, “Just tick the box and we’ll sort out the details later”.

Giving power to a few promotes corruption and division. As with all corruption, it is the weak and vulnerable who suffer – the very people this radical change is purporting to help.

Mrs Edwina McFarland

Chesney Vale

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