Tree change calls for a tyre check

SERVICING THE COMMUNITY... Bob Jane T-Mart sales manager Andrew Painter and store manager Adam Smith. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

MORE people are moving regionally for a new way of life, and if your heart is already in the country, there are adventures waiting to be had behind the wheel, exploring the open road. 

Adam Smith joined Bob Jane T-Marts from Melbourne. A longtime member of the wider Bob Jane T-Marts family, Adam worked as a relief manager throughout Victoria, and a member in the National Fleet Team before moving to the Goulburn-Valley. 

Adam says he prefers the open plains of Katandra to the quickly expanding area of the Mornington Peninsula, where he is from. 

“My family and I moved up here six months ago and our two young kids have settled into country life really easily. We’re all loving it.” 

While on the peninsula and still currently, Adam volunteers with the CFA (Country Fire Authority) for 11 years and his firm community-mindedness carries on in his new community and workplace. 

“We look after people here and we look forward to helping people that come in. Whether it’s a FREE tyre safety check, tyre replacement or a wheel alignment before you hit the road, we are going to get you in quickly and look after you.” 

To meet demand, Adam, Andrew and the team at Bob Jane T-Marts Shepparton have employed additional staff, building upon their long-standing reputation for great customer service and quick turnaround. 

Right now, Bob Jane T-Marts are offering Up To $100 cash back when you buy four tyres, including select Goodyear products, and a buy three get one free when you buy select J-Trax, Goodyear and Yokohama tyres. 

Bob Jane T-Marts Shepparton is at 267 High Street, just before the trainline as you’re heading east. Call them on 5831 1300. 

“At Bob Jane T-Marts, We’ll look after you.”

SERVICING THE COMMUNITY… Bob Jane T-Mart sales manager Andrew Painter and store manager Adam Smith. Photo: Kelly Lucas.