Walk this way

INCIDENTALLY FIT... An easy way to build up your physical activity levels. Photo: Supplied

WHILE many of us have every intention of completing the daily recommendation of 10,000 steps per day or at least some sort of dedicated physical activity, the day can get away from us and we run out of time.

Incidental activity is an easy way to build up your physical activity levels without using a large chunk of your day to do so by, for example, by walking up the stairs instead of using a lift.

Physical activity is a major factor in preventing and reducing the risk of many health conditions (eg. heart disease, diabetes and some cancers) and many people find it easier to be active in lots of little ways throughout the day.

Examples of incidental activity at work include cycling or walking to work instead of driving, getting off the train or bus a couple of stops early or parking further away and walking further than you usually would.

At home you could do some gardening or mow the lawn, do the housework instead of hiring help, go for a short walk before breakfast and after dinner and be active while watching television by using an exercise bike or treadmill.

On weekends and holidays, you could park further away from shopping centres and walk the extra distance and do a few laps of the centre, walk at golf instead of using a buggy, walk along the beach, throw a football at the park, organise active family outings, try a new bicycle track or go for a bushwalk.

Every little bit counts so remember to think of all types of physical activity as a chance to improve your health.