Wendy Lovell – Member for Northern Victoria

I am constantly inspired by the resilience of the many communities of the Goulburn Valley.

This year more than ever before, communities have united to help others in times of need. This was no more evident than during the devastating October 2022 flood event, that impacted so many communities in our region.

Strangers came together to help other strangers and the community support for flood victims was a true inspiration for us all. The passion and resilience of our communities was confirmation of how lucky we are to live and work in the Goulburn Valley.

While our community spirit continues to shine, so too does the performance of the many industries of the Goulburn Valley, many of whom continue to lead through innovation and sheer determination to succeed.

The challenges associated with the high cost-of-living and doing business, as well as the workforce challenges being experienced by business, will continue for some time yet but as a region I know we will unite to ensure the Goulburn Valley remains the best place to call home.