1978 Holden HZ Premier

STAYING with our celebration of Aussie muscle cars, the 1978 Holden Premier (HZ Series) is considered one of the last Holden’s to feature the traditional full-size chrome bumper.

While visual changes in the Holden HZ were subtle compared to the Holden HX, this model introduced significant changes under the skin that greatly improved Holden’s handling capabilities across all new models. ‘Radial Tuned Suspension’ (RTS) transformed the experience of driving a Holden, particularly by addressing the infamous understeer noted in earlier generations.

The upscale Premier prioritised a high level of equipment such as the tri-matic auto transmission, which was standard for the range, as well as a long-range push button radio, individually reclining bucket seats, and fingertip control for washes, wipers and headlights.

This 1978 Holden HZ Premier, on display a MOVE Museum in Kialla, has a 5L V8 engine and comes equipped with the ‘Outback Pack.’ This includes a heavy-duty battery, alternator and large radiator, a large fan, H/D springs and shock absorbers, and a ‘Turbo 400’ gear box.