Barbecuing just became safer

NEWLY manufactured LPG gas appliances, including outdoor patio heaters and barbecues, will be fitted with safer gas cylinders after new standards came into effect on Friday, April 1.

Over the past 12 months, appliances, and LPG cylinders, between 4.5kg and 9kg, have gradually transitioned to include the safer LCC27 connection under new Australian Standards.

The transition period has finished, and it is now mandated that newly manufactured gas appliances include the new connection, which prevents gas being released if not properly fitted. This means if the hose has been disconnected or the cylinder valve has been left open, gas will not flow, reducing the risk of explosion or fire.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and other industry stakeholders supported the change. They have found that leaking connections through LPG cylinders have been the leading cause of fires involving portable appliances. Barbecues, in particular, have been a major concern with Fire Rescue Victoria and the CFA.

ESV is warning Victorians not to use an adaptor to connect an appliance with the new connection to an older cylinder valve as this can cause a gas leak. People should swap their cylinder for one featuring the new valve.

LPG cylinders with the corresponding new valve have been available for purchase over the past 12 months at local Swap and Go locations, including service stations and hardware stores. 

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