Bim Rutherford Community Connector Program

THE Community Connector Program has led the way with its attraction, recruitment and retention of professionals through its relocation support service.

To date, the program has relocated over 300 new-to-area professionals and their families, supporting people who have relocated to Shepparton from all parts of the globe and assisting with securing a home, job for their partner, navigating the best school for their children and deeply connecting in the community. Our connection in the community allows us to form great partnerships with industry and with local businesses.

I feel privileged to meet so many inspiring and interesting people from all over the world. I love being about to help them settle and connect in the community.

The program is what makes Shepparton unique, and the role is the first of its kind in Australia, which certainly showcases the very best of Greater Shepparton and I love showcasing this great place that I call home.

The region is experiencing a huge surge in job opportunities and there are many “hard to fill” positions where we need to attract professionals from outside Shepparton. If your business has not utilised this FREE service, then please reach out on or visit