Couples that cruise together (stay together)

CREATING MEMORIES... Chris Pegg and his wife, Rachel have had both their vehicles shown in the Royal Exhibition Building for the Victorian Hot Rod Show, a show Chris has been watching since he was little and a memorable moment for the pair. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

MURCHISON’S Rachel and Chris Pegg have two great loves, each other and their vintage cars. Rachel drives a pink 1928 Ford model A roadster and her husband, Chris, drives a 1938 Chevrolet ½ ton pickup truck.

Chris calls his pickup ‘The Old Truck’ and Rachel fittingly calls roadster, ‘Pinkie’. Rachel said, “The Ford Roaster is an iconic shape when it comes to Hot Rods… but honestly, I just love the shape and colour, and that the roof comes off.”

Rachel has not made any major modifications, focusing her attention on the interior, the wheels, and investing in heated seats. Rachel’s theory is, “If it isn’t broke, leave it alone…”

Chris on the other hand has made countless modifications. According to Chris, the 38 pickup is fairly rare in Australia.

Both Rachel and Chris like cruising at Hotrod runs and taking scenic drives as a couple. They love meeting likeminded people and learning about other’s automotive projects or about classic vehicles their parents or grandparents owned.

Rachel said that “cars are a hobby that we are both interested in, not only driving them but we enjoy working on them and spending time together trying to outdo each other when it comes to polishing and detailing.”

She also said, “Driving old cars is like going back in time, a time when you had to drive the car and it wasn’t the car driving you.”

Rachel has won several trophies over the years, including best roadster and ladies’ choice at car shows. She said, “The Hot Rod and classic car scene used to be so male-oriented, but over the last six years it is great to see so many ladies buying and driving their own cars, even restoring them.”

They love to share their passion with the younger generation. Chris said, “If you see little kids at shows or Hot Rod runs, take them for a ride or let them sit in the car, you might just start their love of cars.”