Created with love

After many years together, Luke and Tilly McCluskey were married in a beautiful, intimate garden ceremony with their nearest and dearest in March 2022. In a bid to give Tilly a truly special and unique engagement ring, Luke entrusted the team at Diamond Storm Designs to help guide him through the ring designing process. So, what prompted Luke to design a ring for his love rather than buy a mass-produced piece?

“I just think personally designing a ring makes it that little more special. Initially, I thought Tilly and I would design something together. However, once speaking with Craig, I felt confident to design something truly special that could be a surprise for Tilly,”

Luke said. “I can’t imagine being able to create something as lovely and special as we did anywhere else. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of proposing to go in and chat with Craig, Kara and Lyn. They are great at working with you to design something within your budget that suits your taste and style.”

Tilly was thrilled when she saw the ring that was the final product of ideas, designing, Luke secretly looking at Tilly’s

Pinterest boards and being guided by the team at Diamond Storm Designs. “She loved it. I think she was in shock, but she said yes! We were at the beach, it was really beautiful.”