Cruisin’on a ton

A CLASSIC IN ITS DAY... Named the Buick Century for its ability to cruise at 100 mph. Photos: Steve Hutcheson

The first Buick Century debuted in 1936 as a shorter and lighter model featuring the same engine as the bigger Roadmaster and Limited series giving it more performance and the 1955 model was known by many as the ‘hot rod’ Buick.

The Series 60 Century model had the same wheelbase and body as the lower-priced Special series, but with added trim, amenities and the higher horsepower Roadmaster engine signified by a fourth ‘port hole’.

The model’s name came about with Buick’s first 1936 Century model, named for its ability to cruise at 100 mph, (161 km/hr)
A favourite cops and robbers TV show of the 1950s, Highway Patrol, starring Broderick Crawford, also immortalised the Buick Century. Crawford often drove the Buick Century ‘Black and Whites’ in the show.
The Buick Century will be on display at MOVE when it opens.