Flower power furnishings flourish

RETRO FURNITURE DOING A RERUN... Furniture from the 70s make a resurgence. Photo: Supplied.

FEEL-GOOD vibes of the 70s are back in style in a big way. Designers and architects from Houzz predict retro furnishings, decorations, and architecture from the disco era will make a strong comeback in homes everywhere this year.

To emulate this craze, update colour schemes to sunset oranges, vibrant blues, or embrace soft pastel-like hues. Homewares made from materials like Lucite, glass, vinyl or from natural materials like metal or wood, can add distinct touches of the 70s to any room.

This is an era which infuses style with functionality and provides endless options for all tastes. Built-in furnishings, floor pillows, modular dining sets were all popular during the 70s.

Embracing this bright, free-spirited style takes some confidence but when done right, could transform your home into a stylish and enviable relic. For more ideas, look through the collection of styles at http://houzz.com.au

RETRO FURNITURE DOING A RERUN… Furniture from the 70s make a resurgence. Photo: Supplied.