Found your dream flowers?

A vital consideration that is often overlooked by brides-to-be is what flowers are in season when your wedding is to take place.

Finding the photo of your perfect bouquet on Instagram is easy, but the costs, logistics and availability of your favourite blooms are all factors to consider.

Sarah Bryant, owner of Bryant’s Buds, has some wonderful suggestions for flowers that are in season at different times of the year:
Autumn/Winter flowers are just as beautiful as their warmer-temperature counterparts. Blushing Bride, Hellebores and Scabiosa are three flowers perfect for a wedding in the cooler months. Make a statement with bold, deep coloured blooms.

Spring/Summer is the time for pretty pastels to shine. Some of the most incredible blooms are in full blossom between September and November such as Lilac, Peonies, Daphne and Anenome.