Grants available to help Aboriginal athletes kick goals

GETTING the summer sporting season underway, grants have become available to Aboriginal Victorians to cover the costs of sporting overheads.
Round two of the 2021-22 Aboriginal Sport Participation Grant Program has made more than $87,000 available to boost sporting activities, including purchasing uniforms and equipment, as well as travel expenses to participate in events.
Teams can apply for grants of up to $1,500 to participate in state or national sport carnivals, up to $1,000 for uniforms and sporting equipment, and up to $750 for travel and accommodation expenses.
From Tokyo Olympics bronze medallist and NBA star Patty Mills, to Olympic 400m sprint champion Cathy Freeman, Aboriginal athletes have made a huge impact in the sporting arena and beyond.
This grants program supports communities to harness the social and health benefits that sport and active recreation can provide.
Since the start of the program in 2020, the State Government has provided 128 grants, totalling more than $138,000 to Aboriginal community organisations, clubs and individuals across the state.
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Gabrielle Williams commented, “Sport is a wonderful part of Victorian life and we want everyone to have the chance to get involved and progress through the ranks. The benefits of sports participation extend beyond the individual and enrich the community.”
To apply for a grant, visit